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May July 04, 2020

Production on 'Power Ranger; Dark Blue' fan film starts back up

Though we can't release many details yet, I'm glad to be working on this production again. This is where I get to flex my narrative muscle and work with actors which doesn't come up as much in my main commercial work.



June 05, 2020


Started assisting Greater Than Video LLC on documentary projects


Creatives don't have to be competitive, especially in the world of video where it takes a village to pull off a production. I've been having a great time assisting and learning from Nic Barnes owner of Greater Than Video LLC.

This shot was from the St Joe police PR BBQ


May 12, 2020


Biggest project to date, welcoming Outlaw Ink to Westport KC

Drones, Mclarens, Gimbles oh my. This one take & video game inspired promotional video was our largest budget project so far and ahuge milestone is proving what Anomalous Studios is all about. When we say Create The Unusual, we mean go for the ideas that no one else in your industry is willing to take the risk for


May 7, 2019


KC Content Creators group begins

Connecting media professionals and hobby creators in a creative community.

After a year of pre-planning the KC Creator meetups and FB group has officially launched and is growing healthily with great members from all steps of the creative life



February 22, 2019

First chance to Travel for a project

Midwest Fight League brought us down to Columbia Missouri a few times to record the MMA matches for replay and promo's. It was a long drive but a good time. Can't wait to travel more, hopefully with someone else driving next time.

transparent Wilowisp.png

August 06, 2019


Anomalous Studios LLC is officially registered as a business


After a year plus of refining skills and seeing if this was a path I wanted to double down on, I'm proud to say that Anomalous is officially a registered company. Now the real work begins


April, 2017


First Client

Though I didn't have much of a portfolio at the time outside of some minor personal projects, Russell owner of Outlaw Ink gave me a chance at creating some promotional material for his tattoo shop. We quickly moved on to create a larger web presence for the artist's and have been working together ever since. 

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