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Your friendly neighborhood video service

What do viewers actually want to see?

Hello, I'm Jacob Anderson

Videographer of 7 years and KC Creator Meetup host.

I started with Facebook commercials for tattoo artists. Since then ive worked with both creatives and businesses


Since then I've worked on a range of projects, mostly designed for social media reach.

My bread and butter though is pushing the boundaries of advertising to engage audiences they way they want to be reached​

The website is going through major changes just like the business is. look forward to some big announcments soon



  1. Discovery Form

  2. Meeting

  3. Location Scout

  4. Storyboard

  5. Filming Day

  6. Up to 3 rounds of feedback

  7. Marketing Campaign

Every project is different, ill need as much information as possible to build a production plan that is lean, fast, and hits your goals. I like to put an emphasis on the planning stage to reduce last minute changes during filming

You'll find the link to the discovery form at the end once you've filled out the contact form

Select an image to view the video 


 Pre-Production Sample

Angry Swede Concept: "Warm Up with Ale"


Half payment after concept is finalized, half on filming day
Cash - paypal - venmo - cashapp - check

Event Coverage

Show off this year's event to next year's patrons

Great for documenting events, conferences, concerts and live performances



bluffwoods comercial 1 thumbnail.jpg


For Ad-spend Campaigns

Full-production promotional projects from planning to ad campaign. Perfect for businesses looking to grow



GTA Sign Outlaw Ink Screenshot.jpg


Large Content Campaign

Planning a long term content series and looking for a video expert to give your project polish and structure? Let's talk



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