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VFX Studios

Green Screen | Blue Screen | Vfx tools

As software capabilities improve each year, more creators are able to take advantage of Practical and Special effects.

We've learned how to do a range of effects over the years and want to have these tools available to growing creators and innovators in the visual medium. 

Black, white, green & blue screens are an obvious choice for starting out with effects and we hope to grow a more versatile toolkit for video creators, creative photographers, filmmakers, and others as growing the studio.

Some stretch goals include motion capture, suspension systems, tear-through screens, rentable gear (out-of-house use) and more.

Chromakey capable screens have a wide range of use from cosplay photography to real estate videos, and we'll all use them in different ways.

4k  slomo capable cameras

Workhorse machines for Bender/After Effects/ & more

Sizable for multi-actor scenes

Easy file Transfer

In Development
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